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Why Monstyr?

Monstyr's mission is to make shopping and going out more enjoyable, by bringing all promotions, events, activities, etc. under one roof. To help shoppers navigate through the massive number of deals, we developed easy to use and intuitive features like Calendar, Favs, etc. Look out for more, as we continue to find ways to make your experience even better.

It all began when one of us bought a pair of shoes, only to find it cheaper at another shopping centre. We hate that feeling of being ‘cheated'. That got us thinking. Why do we have to walk around just to find and compare deals? The usual search engines out there aren't useful because the information is not out there. Other apps are limited in the categories of products, brands, etc. and there is no easy-to-use aggregator available. What could we do? The rest, as they say, is history.

We are born and bred in the sunny island of Singapore! In a corner of Yio Chu Kang, to be exact. We're an independent company, not affiliated to any brands, malls, banks, etc.

Nope. There isn't. Personalisation is something we feel would give our users a better experience, and that is not possible on a web application. So, we focused our resources on developing the mobile app.

Monstyr is basically an app that you bring with you to use as you travel around, so it works only on smart mobile phones.


How do I use Search Nearby?

When you're out, you can use Search Nearby to find all the shopping and dining deals around your location. Even if you're at home or in the office, you can use Search Nearby to find deals in areas where you're heading to. Simply search the district (eg. Jurong, Orchard Road, Katong, etc.) and tap on Search Here, to see the results.

Tap on ‘Search Here' and the map will refresh and load all the promotions around that location.

Favs allows shoppers to customise the app to suit them. You can like posts or follow brands that appeal to you, and their posts will be shown on your Fav page. Other than brands, you can also follow credit cards that you own, so you won't miss any related promotions.

The Calendar is a useful function. You may go through hundreds of deals, but only like some. If the deals appeal to you, save them to Calendar, and you can conveniently keep track of when the promotion starts and expires.

You will be asked to choose some categories and credit cards when you first sign-in to the app. If you decided to not to make choices at that time, you can revisit this by tapping on the settings button in Favs.

Go to settings on the Favs page and choose the credit cards you own, and the respective promo posts will be channelled to your Favs page.

We don't have those yet, but it's in the pipeline!

Just click the share button on the posts and you can share them via email, messenger apps (like WhatsApp Telegram, Line, etc), sms, etc. If your friend doesn't have the Monstyr app, they will be able to view a web-based version of the post.

Go to your profile settings and tap on ‘Notifications'. You can decide which days you prefer to be notified of interesting deals.

We are gathering information and passing them on to our shoppers so they can enjoy the deals. We do not own the information and there might also be changes which we may not be aware of. So in order to get the most updated and accurate information, it's always better to refer to the source for details.

In order for us to find deals that are near you, or to offer you a personalised experience (eg. Showing you deals from your favourite brands, building you your own calendar of offers, etc.), we need to identify your preferences, location, and so on.

We want to offer you the newest most interesting experiences and best value buys of the season. And we also want to show you posts that are relevant (eg we won't show you breakfast deals before dinner), so we change the highlights with the meal times and the season.

It's all about the ads! So, nope, you can't.

Just tap on the ‘M' at the bottom bar. If you were browsing something else on the homescreen previously, just tap the ‘M' again to refresh the screen.

Not yet, but akan datang! We're working on it.

If you are a merchant, we welcome you to claim or add your page on Monstyr! Just send us a message through our business portal :


How do we get in touch with Monstyr?

If you have a query, suggestion, or comment, you can get in touch via the Contact Us option which can be found in the Monstyr app's Profile Settings.