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About Monstyr

Why Monstyr?

Monstyr’s mission is to make shopping and going out more enjoyable, by bringing all promotions, events, activities, etc. under one roof. To help shoppers navigate through the massive number of deals, we developed easy to use and intuitive features like Calendar, Favs, etc. Look out for more, as we continue to find ways to make your experience even better.

How did Monstyr get started?

It all began when one of us bought a pair of shoes, only to find it cheaper at another shopping centre. We hate that feeling of being ‘cheated’. That got us thinking. Why do we have to walk around just to find and compare deals? The usual search engines out there aren’t useful because the information is not out there. Other apps are limited in the categories of products, brands, etc. and there is no easy-to-use aggregator available. What could we do? The rest, as they say, is history.

Where is Monstyr from? Who owns Monstyr?

We are born and bred in the sunny island of Singapore! In a corner of Yio Chu Kang, to be exact. We’re an independent company, not affiliated to any brands, malls, banks, etc.

Is there a web version?

Nope. There isn’t. Personalisation is something we feel would give our users a better experience, and that is not possible on a web application. So, we focused our resources on developing the mobile app.

Can I use it on my laptop?

Monstyr is basically an app that you bring with you to use as you travel around, so it works only on smart mobile phones.