The freshest, hottest deals at your finger tips

Monstyr (Monster spelt with a ‘Y’) is a lifestyle enhancing app that goes all out to hunt for a rich, diverse range of deals and experiences, and shares them in simple and easy to digest formats.

There are a comprehensive range of online promotions, in-store bargains, dining deals, credit card offers, activities and much more, waiting to be discovered! With proprietary search engines, you can easily browse and select those that interest you, in the comfort of your home or when you’re out, without being overwhelmed.

Special features help you get the most out of the app through customisation, allowing you to use it in the way you prefer. Because at Monstyr, we believe that everybody has their own style and nobody should miss good deals!

Search Nearby

When you’re out and about, location based Search Nearby shows you what promotions and events are happening around you. Useful filters focus your searches so you don’t have to go through pages of info just to find what you want.

Search nearby

Keep tabs on the deals that you fancy by saving them to your CALENDAR

Have you ever missed promotions or found that your valued coupons have expired? That won’t happen anymore with Calendar, which keeps track of and allows you to view conveniently, deals you’re interested in.


Don't want to keep seeing offers that don't interest you? Simply select categories or brands you love at FAVS!

Are your credit cards having promotions with your favourite restaurants? Are you a fashionista who needs a new dress or shirt? Been dying to get a new gadget from that brand? Favs shows you where to go to maximise your dollar with your cards, or if your favourite stores or categories have deals that can help you save.

Download Monstyr below to enjoy saving, exploring and discovering exciting new offers and adventures every day!